YouTube’s iFrame Embed WordPress Issue

    Since the end of January, YouTube has switched their default embedding option from <object> to <iframe>. The switch was made to offer better functionality on mobile devices. The new <iframe> embedding options will allow users to view videos in either Flash or HTML5. Get the full skinny at:

    This switch has created an issue for WordPress 3.0.4 and below because <iframe> embed code gets stripped from posts when switching from HTML and Visual modes.

    The simple solution now is to just enable “Use old embed code” from YouTube’s embed options.

    youtube use old embed code

    Make sure to tick "Use old embed code." YouTube will convert new "iframe" code to the old "object" embed code.

    And there you have it, a simple fix to an annoying problem. I am sure WordPress is working now to patch the issue. Look for WordPress updates in the near future with a fix!

    • Derek Tacconelli

      Using WordPress 3.1 and am still having issues with this bug. YARG! >:(

    • Althea Robinson

      that option is no longer available. what to do now?