Bully Scholarship Edition on Windows 7 64

    I recently acquired from a friend his PC version of Bully Scholarship Edition to install on my Windows 7 64 bit computer. I have read in a number of places on the internet (and have experienced it first hand) that people are having trouble playing past the first cut scene where the Principal introduces himself and asks the lady to show you around the school and get you new clothing. Once this scene cuts, Bully Scholarship Edition on Windows 7 64 sends you to an infinite loading screen, where you have to ctrl-alt-delete out and force quit bully.exe. The only actual playable level for Bully Scholarship Edition on Windows 7 64 is in the school yard, the girls dorm, and the main building. There are other problems where the textures of the level take a long time to load, and some textures never load at all!

    Well, don’t get discouraged. I almost deleted the game and threw it in the trash. But after some digging, I found that you need to install a version 1.2 patch, which fixes problems for people running the retail version of Bully Scholarship Edition for Windows 7 64 with more than 2GB of RAM.

    This patch updates the retail version of Bully: Scholarship Edition for the PC to v1.2. This patch provides a “compatibility fix for poor streaming performance, random lock ups, and random crashes affecting 64-bit Windows with over 2 GB of RAM.” Steam customers are encouraged to use the auto-updater.

    Here are links to places to download the v1.2 patch for Bully Scholarship Edition for PC for Windows 7 64 bit users with more than 2GB of RAM:;1

    Happy gaming!

    • Leoric

      thnx for patch

    • Rizky Tri Utomo

      thanx buddy

    • Asala-salama

      NONE of those links helped -,-

    • Amos

      still dosent work it say the installation for this product is not available.Verify that the source exists and that you can access . C/Windows/Installer/16bbc9.msi

    • Friendofganja

      I was going to delete the game too untill i found this, great help brother.

    • Ali Taimur

      thanks alot this really helps

    • Deimis189

      Haven’t tryed it yet, but I have all problems you have wrote in your post and i’m using more than 2gb off ram so I think it should help me :) Thank you for helping.

    • Derek Tacconelli
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    • Jicken

      I get an error that says there was an error with installation, and after repeating the process using all the sources you have on the website, it continued to give me that error. Any ideas?

    • Bayu Hudaya

      Thanks guys

    • antio

      hey can u please tell me how to install the patch that i had downloaded from

    • janner1952

      Gee mate, thanks a lot, this patch is awesome. Fixes the graphics as well as the freezing..enjoying the game now…cheers.from janner.

    • janner1952

      For those having problems…download the second patch on the list and install it into your game directory…worked for me..

    • janner1952

      For those having problems with graphics or loading screens…download the first patch in the list and follow the instructions….worked for me.