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    Emptying the Streets of Paris

    I keep asking the question: HOW?

    hypocentre -short film- from Claire&Max on Vimeo.


    Macklemore – American

    “American” is a hilarious rendition by Macklemore. I love the satire.


    Milk Crisis

    Milk Crisis

    As the Jolly Green Giant roamed around,
    He found a cow sound as a pound.
    “Wake up wake up!” the Green Giant said,
    “I need some milk with my peanut-butter bread!”
    But the cow did no budge,
    It would not be moved.
    The giant said, “Fudge!”
    The cow simply mooed.
    The Green Giant was more excited than before!
    He jumped up and down and let out a roar!
    The cow still lay snoozing and snoring,
    The giant pouted while the situation became rather boring.
    The giant yelled, screamed and let out a shout,
    He threatened to throw the cow right out.
    “You will land with a great thump,” the giant warned.
    “I will cast you over the huge hills and mountains over yonder.”
    With this the cow began to wonder.
    The cow stood up and started to say, “I cannot even give you one glass full.”
    “This is because I am merely a bull.”

    By Derek Tacconelli for English, Period 5 on September 24, 2002


    Photoshop: Could not complete your request because an invalid SOS, DHT, DQT, or EOI JPEG marker

    Today I got the message when trying to import a random internet image (a JPEG/JPG) into Photoshop:

    Could not complete your request because an invalid SOS, DHT, DQT, or EOI JPEG marker

    A total noodle-scratcher of confusing proportions, right? There is a simple fix that I stumbled upon, and here’s how to fix it:

    1. Open the JPEG in the Preview app (or MS Paint for Windows).
    2. Save the image as a PNG or BMP. Close the app/program.
    3. Open Photoshop and try to import again.
    4. Profit.

    Let me know in the comments how simple this was to fix!


    Battlefield 3: PC Stat Issues


    Battlefield 3 has the most server browser issues I have ever seen in a multiplayer FPS video game. I don’t really care that much about the stats problems, but having to reconnect 3 times to a server to MAYBE get a game to load for you is very frustrating. Sometimes I just go back and play Counter-Strike: GO because the game actually works. I think a large part of why you cannot connect is the bad EA Games infrastructure and the anti-cheat client PunkBuster. PunkBuster’s website and engine design has not changed since like..the days of Quake 3 (circa 1999) and I suspect a large part of disconnects is their faulty system. Valve’s VAC anti-cheat engine is not great either (at least it doesn’t crash you or prevent connecting since it’s more integrated into Steam), but at least Steam has a very fast connection speed, unlike EA’s Origin service.